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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

-Edward Abbey, naturalist and author (1927-1989)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Thinking about Delight - Random Five Friday

My Grandchildren, all of whom delight me, are growing so quickly.
As they age, so do I!

I'm reminded daily that delight is available at any age.
I'm often delighted to see delight in others.

This morning, I was delighted by this scene.
Tomorrow, I may try walking up the trail on snowshoes.
I won't be lounging on the swing, that's for sure!

I like creating small vignettes for my own delight.
Currently, these items (some old, some new) are behind my kitchen sink.
Everything, including the plant, was gifted to me by someone special in my life.
The little birdhouse was painted 14 years ago by a friend's child who was 3.
I still treasure it.

It's very cold in Breckenridge.
(I know this might not delight most of you!)
We've had temperatures into the teens overnight.
I believe the snow on the ground will stay for the season.
On a sunny day, I'll sow my wildflower and perennial seeds upon the snow.
By June, after the snow melts, I'll delight in seeing tiny green shoots emerging.

I don't decorate for Halloween.
However, I notice that many people do.
Scariness is not delightful to me.
Is your house or yard full of spookiness?

Have a delightful weekend!

Thank You to my blog friend, Nancy, for hosting


  1. i love the icicles. great shot. ( :
    i prefer the lighter side (if there is one, i think there is??!) of Halloween. i like the happy, healthy & good fun that can be had. as a kid we always gave money to UNICEF & i loved asking folks to help out. instead of candy.

  2. OMG Winter is at your doorstep, literally. I'm hoping your ok with that. I suppose you are used to early winters. Thankfully you can drive to Denver to see Fall. Have a good weekend Barb. Carol

  3. Wintery looking! I waited until 6 for my walk today because it was so warm during the mid day. (I am in FL for a few more days.) I also delight in seeing my grand children be delighted.

  4. Hi Barb...thanks for stopping by!!! I love your blog:) I don't decorate for Halloween, but I can appreciate people who do:) I would love to visit CO one day.

  5. The sun must have been out sometime to start those gorgeous icicles!!! A prairie girl during the depression, Halloween found us bundled up and trolling the neighborhood for "Halloween Apples" - times have changed. Beautiful photos, Barb.

  6. Good grief SNOW and ALREADY, however I suppose well worth it to get such fabulous photos. No Hallowe'en celebrations in France so no decorations, no trick or treating, no scariness at all, I rather miss it all. They tried once but it didn't take, candy, costumes, onsold, events unattended.

  7. I'm delighted with your ice and snow images. We don't get enough here to satisfy me.

  8. I like the idea of finding delight in things, no matter what our age. My oldest grandson becomes a teenager next week, and that is making me feel a bit old, but I will keep in mind that age does not diminish the enjoyment of life.
    I really like your kitchen sink is, well, delightful.

  9. Snow already...yikes! Enjoy the winter season.

  10. Oh I definitely find delight in many, many things...I think it comes with being passionate about photography. Those icicles look dangerous and I am definitely not ready for those....I am still trying to enjoy our Fall delights. No Halloween in my front yard, pumpkins on the porch is the length of my decorating outside. Have fun snowshoeing....I know you will, just stay away from the bears.

  11. Wow - I used to live in Colorado and remember many surprise snowfalls. Your photos are lovely.

  12. No spookiness in my yard. Some folks go all out, putting in fake tombstones, etc. You have snow already?! Ah, Breckenridge. Cute vignette! That's cool that you do that for yourself, I rarely take the time. I like your snow photo, but would prefer the barefoot one above it, playing in the water. :) Have a great weekend!

  13. Amazing icicles! But they do make me feel chilly! Nice to see the things that bring you delight. I have some of those too and they bring me pleasure every day!
    Halloween is not very big over here - though the stores would like to sell their ugly decorations which are creeping in a little bit more each year. I take no notice! For me, All Saints Day is to remember loved ones that are no longer amongst us.
    In reply to your question on my latest blog entry: I sometimes take off my glasses for photographs because they create very distracting reflections in the light! Don't you find that too?
    Have a lovely weekend! Sandra

  14. I love the way you are delighted with life. You can keep the snow. No scaries in my yard, other than the skeletal trees.

  15. Delightful things keep us young at heart! I would like to see more snow, but mostly I would like to see more beautiful mountains!

  16. Delightful snow scenes. Your home would seem to be warm inside. Hope you soon have that sunny day to sow many wildflower seeds for next spring's delights! Halloween isn't much celebrated in Australia, we never do.

  17. Well, my husband and I are two that delight in Halloween. We look forward to it every year. Tho, our decorating of the yard has long been relegated to others in the neighborhood...we only decorate with my witch collection...indoors. Hey? Just what are those pointy things hanging off the eaves? [I haven't seen anything like that HERE or Tucson...'s been decades. lol]

    Most of all........LOVE the birdhouse behind your kitchen sink!!! In fact the entire corner with the outdoor lighting drifting in on it all is just a perfect setting.

  18. Wow - all that snow! I'm not quite ready for it, but I do very much look forward to its arrival. I like the way you've found so much delight this week. I used to decorate for Halloween but don't anymore. I'm doing well if I get the house decorated for Christmas before Christmas Eve. Enjoy exploring on snowshoes!

  19. I delight in your snow photos. How is that? I would not want to come across number five on a dark night.

  20. Although I'm not looking forward to having snow, the pictures are beautiful. No spooking Halloween decorations for me, just fall and pumpkins.
    Have a great weekend.

  21. I guess a good thing about snow and cold is that soon the bears will go to sleep and you can walk with out surprises.
    I love the effects you do with your photos.

  22. I saw on FB you had a real snow already! I saw my first junco yesterday, which seems a bit early to me.

    Not a big decorator for Halloween -- no trick or treaters out in the sticks... Have a wonderful snowshoe walk Barb!

  23. Scary, it looks already super cold.


  24. Barb, I so enjoyed this post.
    I do not decorate for Halloween except for maybe putting a pumpkin by the front door.
    How neat that you have all those "treasures" that were gifted to you on display "for your delight"

    It's cold there, Barb, stay warm.
    All our snow is gone and today was beautiful :)

  25. I loved this post. Not that I don't always love your posts. I too love to create little vignettes that only have meaning to me, but I find them delightful.

    No scary decorating here. I never thought of it that way, but I don't delight in scariness either. (One look in the mirror early in the morning is enough of a scare for me. ;) ) In fact, I don't like Halloween. I never have liked it.

  26. Your whole post delighted me! (I'm not a fan of Halloween decorating and so the thing that delighted me about that part was that you aren't either!). Of course I'm not a fan of cold weather either, but I love experiencing it through someone who is and I look forward to your winter posts. It is so lovely to know that you can sow wildflower seeds ON the snow and they will take root. I never knew that and I love knowing it!

  27. Just look at all that snow. I got a little taste of it when we were in Idaho. I think I would enjoy living where it snowed.. The only decorations I have are a couple of pumpkins not to scary..


  28. It was pure delight to read this! To think that you've got snow already... We saw our first flakes yesterday while climbing Mount Arvon (the highest point in Michigan.) They quickly turned back to rain, though. By the way, Mount Arvon is NOT a mountain when compared to your mountains. It's more like a high hill.

  29. We've had such a mild fall that we haven't even had a hard frost yet. So I was amazed by those icicles. BTW, I love those pictures of the fox to my right. What a beautiful creature! And I love the Henry Beston quote. Wonderful!

  30. Great post. It's the little pleasures that delight me. I also like to see delight in others.

  31. I don't decorate for Halloween, either! :) I put the fall decor out mid Oct or a bit later, and there are some Thanksgiving items along with that and this way, once it is done, it is done. When Thanksgiving is done, the Christmas stuff starts to make an appearance. When all of that is done, by January, I am glad to have hardly anything, lol ! :)

  32. No spooky in the yard much -- just pumpkins! But inside lots of decorations! I love all the photos in this -- and your vignette!

  33. It's always hard to chose a favorite from your Random Five Friday, because it's not only the photography - it's the story behind it, too.


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